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The DK-6-2B Black 1394 Firewire dual bay enclosure. Connecting IDE hard drive sizes from 200-320 GB to a 1394 firewire serial bus technology with Plug and Play capabilities!

Dual bay 1394 firewire 5.25 inch enclosure color black
DK-6-2B (black) is ideally suited for tailgate interface applications for removable-hard disk drive. It allows IDE drives to be connected to a 1394 serial bus in a plug-and-play fashion.

DK-6-2B Dual Bay 5.25" w/ Two Mobile Rack: FireWire to IDE Enclosure (w/Master/Slave support up to 2X320GB IDE 3.5" Hard Drives)
Dual bay 1394 firewire hard drive enclosure, hard drive not included.

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Back view of the 1394 firewire dual bay enclosure
  • Available Power Outlet
  • Available IEEE 1394a/1394b (400) Port
  • 3.5-inch IDE/ATA Drives (Any ATA 33/66/100/133 or Higher 5.25" Hard Drive)
*Tested With IBM, Maxtor,WD,Samsung up to 320GB Capacity!*

Low Profile Case (6.5 Tall X 7.2 WIDE X 13.1 Long)

The DK-6-2B (black) Firewire dual bay enclosure features a sleek design  and will work only with drives that support ATA-6 up to 320 GB.
  • Two 5.25-inch Drive Bays (removable)
  • Two IDE/ATA Connector (Can be Used w/ Internal or External IDE Drives)
  • Two External IEEE 1394 Firewire Ports, Transfer speeds up to 100/200/400 Mbps
  • LBA 48 bit addressing - use any size hard drive(tested with WD 200GB/250GB/Maxtor200GB/250GB/300GB/320GB)
  • Plug and Play/Host Swapping capability
  • 2X Removable Trays
  • Power is auto switching 90-264 AC A 50/60Hz
  • Supports: Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP - MAC OS X.2 or higher
The 1394 firewire dual bay enclosure with tray out
Includes: case, driver CD, power cord, one 1394 cable, mounting screws and supports most types of IDE storage devices

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The 1394 firewire 400 dual bay enclosure front view

The Kit Includes: DK-6-2B enclosure, AC Power Cord (2.0m length), 6pin-to-6pin FireWire cable (1.0m length), 2X Removable Trays and a 1-YEAR WARRANTY

Specifications of the The DK-6-2B Firewire dual bay enclosure

  • Plug and Play/Host Swapping capability
  • Two FireWire (IEEE 1394) 6pin Connector in the rear panel
  • Built-in 80W power supply/Universal auto-switching 90-240V AC
  • Built-in 80x80 mm cooling fan
  • Low Profile Case (6.5 Tall X 7.2 WIDE X 13.1 Long)

    Operating System Requirements:
  • Windows 98 SE/ME/2000/XP A
  • pple FireWire driver set 2.3 or later
  • Apple MacOS 9.1 or later

Black dual bay enclosure trayThe enclosure tray itself is easily removed and replaced when needed, just lift the handle and a slight pull. When replacing the tray and the handle is lowered into position, the connection is made between the enclosure and the hard drive.Keylocks within the dual bay enclosure

Along with the bay cooling fan itself, the drive trays also have a 80x80mm cooling fan to ensure an excellent air flow and cooling system. The Hard drives are mounted and connected easily into the dual bay removable tray without interference from the inner cooling fan. Just power, ribbon and 4 screws take care of the mounting. When replacing or removing the trays in or out of the bays, the bay must be unlocked. The drive within the tray will not function unless the tray is locked (see tray locks to the right).

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